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Hearing Care Products

Carlton Trail Hearing Clinic helps patients experience a fuller life by assisting them with hearing loss products. We carry some of the best, most advanced hearing aids in the Prince Albert area. Some of our additional products include:

  • Musician Ear Plugs
  • Sleeper Earmolds
  • Assistive listening for the phone, TV, driving in the car, and listening in theatres
  • Hearing protection for any occupation or recreational activity
  • A full range of batteries such as disposable zinc air and rechargeable designs
  • Swim plugs for both children and adults
  • Advanced digital hearing aids for cell phones, TV and Bluetooth devices

The hearing aid experts at Carlton Trail Hearing Clinic will help you choose the best hearing aid type for your hearing loss level, lifestyle, and budget.

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Hearing Aid Types

Receiver-in-the-Ear (Rite)

Receiver in the ear

Images © Oticon

This a great style for people with mild, moderate, or high frequency hearing loss. These devices sit behind the ear, and are small with a slim tube that anchors to the ear canal.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

behind the ear

Images © Oticon

Slightly larger than RITE model hearing aids, these are attached to a custom-made ear molds. These types of hearing aid batteries are larger and last longer without having to recharge or replace them.

In-the-Ear (ITE)

in the ear

Images © Oticon

This hearing aid sits in the concha of your ear. It comes with an easy-to-use program button and volume control if desired.

In-the-Canal (ITC)

In the canal

Images © Oticon

Slightly smaller than custom ITE hearing aids, this product allows for discretion. Many people who are self-conscious about the need for hearing aids choose this option.

Completely-in-the-canal (CIC)

Completely in the canal

Images © Oticon

Completely-in-the-Canal hearing aids sit hidden inside the hearing canal. Unfortunately, they are too small for a volume control and have a much shorter battery life. However, if discretion is your main concern and you can deal with these types of settings, this may be the perfect hearing aid for you.

FM Devices

These types of devices work with or without hearing aids, providing help for difficult listening situations. Plug these devices into your computer, stereo, TV, sound field, or other electronic device. FM systems can help you overcome background noise, reverberation, and distance problems.

Oticon Products

Visit the Oticon website: Oticon.ca

Oticon for Kids

oticon for kids

Children are often busy learning and growing, experiencing a wide range of sound in their daily environments. Oticon's speech processing features preserve fine details of sound, helping your child perceive speech clearly. Their specific product, Opn Play, is designed for development and adapts to any child with hearing loss. Advanced, automatic, and coordinated systems, such as adaptive directionality, feedback cancellation, and noise management give your child intelligibility in situations where they need to listen. Opn Play connects seamlessly with modern Oticon accessories for wireless streaming for music, movies, phone calls and to hear people speak in noisy environments like classrooms. For more information about Opn Play click here.

More and OPN

Images © Oticon

Images © Oticon

Oticon’s goal is to help you hear better with less effort. More is the newest behind-the-ear style platform of fully rechargeable hearing aids with the latest options in connectivity. The Opn platform has a full range of hearing aid style options that provide a full rich soundscape in rechargeable and standard battery options. Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth capable devices using Oticon wireless accessories and control your hearing aids with Oticon’s ON app.

Oticon for Wireless Accessories and Connectivity

Oticon wireless accessories

Images © Oticon

Oticon More hearing aids are capable of direct streaming with most iPhones and compatible Android devices. Hear phone calls, media audio or listen to music directly in your hearing aids. Use Oticon’s wireless accessory, ConnectClip, to connect any Bluetooth device not directly compatible including some Android devices as well as laptops and tablets. Their TV Adapter turns your hearing aids into wireless headphones providing a comfortable volume for you and others in the same room. Have discreet and easy control to adjust volume, switch programs or turn your hearing aids off with Oticon’s remote control. You can control your hearing aids from your smartphone using the Oticon ON app. You can adjust the volume, switch between programs, check the battery level, and more.
To learn more about wireless accessories and phone compatibility visit: Oticon Connectivity and Wireless Accessories

Oticon Videos

Signia Products

For more information please check out www.signia-hearing.ca



Xperience is Signia’s newest and most versatile product line. Xperience products offer Bluetooth options that are directly compatible with most iPhones and become compatible with many Android products with an accessory. You can stream music and phone calls from devices and with the TV accessory, stream audio from or your TV. Most models are available as rechargeable options, if desired, including Styletto X hearing aids with a pocket-sized portable charging case that is the world’s first hearing aid charger with Qi wireless technology, enabling you to simply place the charger on a charging pad.

Signia Wireless Accessories and Connectivity

Signia Wireless

Signia hearing aids are capable of direct streaming with most iPhones. StreamLine Mic allows Signia hearing aids to stream audio to any Bluetooth device including compatible Android devices, PCs, laptops, and smart assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. StreamLine TV feeds audio from your television directly into your hearing aids. Use the compact remote control to change volume and programs. The new Signia app unifies all previous apps to control volume, change programs, and control other features of Signia hearing aids.

To learn more about wireless accessories visit: Signia Wireless Accessories.
To learn more about the Signia app visit: Signia App.

Signia Videos

Phonak Products

Visit the Phonak website: phonak.com



Phonak’s newest product line, Paradise, provides great sound quality, multifunctionality and the ability to control and personalize hearing devices in any situation. Paradise hearing aids provide crisp natural sound, brilliant speech understanding and personalized noise cancelling options. Empowering smart apps provide control from your smartphone. Made for all Android and iOS devices and includes the new and unique Tap Control for easy access to Bluetooth functionalities. Use a discreet remote control to change volume or programs. Stream audio from your TV with an accessory or use available microphone accessories to provide even better capabilities in noisy environments.

Phonak Wireless Accessories and Connectivity


Phonak Paradise connects directly to compatible iPhones and Android smartphones as well as other Bluetooth devices. You can simultaneously connect to two Bluetooth devices and seamlessly alternate between the two. The Roger family of microphones can help those who struggle hearing in background noise or in crowds. The PartnerMic helps boost one-on-one conversations. The Phonak TV Connector is an easy to use accessory to stream TV audio and music from your TV. The Phonak RemoteControl is a simple solution to change the volume or programs on your hearing aids. The myPhonak app turns your smartphone into a remote control, and allows you to make other adjustments and check the status of various aspects of your hearing aids.

To learn more about wireless accessories visit: Phonak Accessories.
To check phone compatibility and learn more about Phonak’s app visit: myPhonak App and Phone Compatibility

Phonak Videos

ReSound Products

Visit the Resound website: resound.com

One and Key


Images © ReSound GN

Organic hearing is the philosophy behind ReSound’s newest line of hearing aids. The ONE platform comes with features designed to make speech understandable and sound natural, even in the toughest environments. There is an option to have a microphone and receiver in the ear to enhance sound even further. ONE’s come in disposable battery and rechargeable options and are able to direct stream with wireless devices such as most iPhones, compatible Android devices and tablets. You can stream wirelessly from your TV with a wireless accessory. ReSound’s easy to use app allows for multiple ways to individualize your listening experience. The Key platform is ReSound’s essential lineup of hearing aids that come in a wide variety of styles designed to hear sound clearly with less effort. With direct streaming capabilities from compatible devices, and the same great ReSound app to individualize your experiences and optional accessories

ReSound One and Key

Images © ReSound GN

ReSound Wireless Accessories and Connectivity

Signia Wireless

Images © ReSound GN

ReSound products connect directly to most iPhones, compatible Android phones and other Bluetooth devices so you can stream audio directly to your hearing aids. Resound’s family of microphones can help those who struggle hearing in background noise or in crowds. The PhoneClip+ provides hands free calling assistance, or adjust your volume and see all of your hearing aid settings with ReSound’s remote control options. The TV Streamer 2 is an easy to use accessory to stream TV audio and music from your TV. The myPhonak app turns your smartphone into a remote control, and allows you to make other adjustments and check the status of various aspects of your hearing aids.

To learn more about wireless accessories visit: ReSound Accessories.
To check phone compatibility visit: ReSound Compatibility.
To learn more about ReSound’s app visit: ReSound Apps

ReSound Videos

Tinnitus Treatments

All manufacturers have special medical devices to help deal with Tinnitus. These devise are a combination hearing aid / sound therapy device, sometimes called a Tinnitus Masker. These devices help retrain the brain so it does not focus on the tinnitus and help calm the noise down. Often this is controlled by a remote, the hearing aids themselves, or through a connected app.





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